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I have lived across the street from Jesse and his family for the past five years in which I have seen him raise his family and be a splendid neighbor and friend. He is a successful software engineer that is always interested in making things easier and improved. Jesse isn’t concerned in being commonplace, whether in his career or civic duties, he is always adept in short-term and long-term goals to enhance platforms he is engaged in. Whether he oversees something or simply contributes, he will see to its betterment. I believe Jesse’s desire to serve as our commissioner has developed from an appreciation for our government leaders and a desire to give back to his community. I believe a county commissioner should have qualities that consist of integrity, responsive problem-solving, and a sense of humor. These are attributes that Jesse has that will serve him well.

Honesty is essential when dealing with taxpayer funds to manage budgets, monitoring fiscal health of the county, and other financial functions. I have spent long hours with Jesse in reviewing ecclesiastical budgets and safeguarding donated offerings and am impressed with his meticulousness and care in dealing with consecrated assets. Jesse doesn’t get hung up on dilemmas but seeks to find solutions to problems. I am happy to recommend Jesse for our Davis County Commissioner!

Josh Prisbrey, Layton, Utah

I am endorsing Jesse Barocio for County Commissioner. I have known Jesse since 2010. I have worked with him as an employee and as a contractor for our company. In the 10 years we have been working together there are some specific qualities I have seen in Jesse.

  1. Jesse knows how to work. He knows how to identify the problem, work with people to develop a path for the solution and then does the work to get it done.
  2. Jesse is honest in all the things he does. I have seen integrity in all that he does, in the way he works, in the way he deals with people, and his life outside of work.
  3. Jesse is very knowledgeable and smart. He is a fact-finder in researching issues and problems. He is knowledgeable on what is going on in the community and has influenced others in how to resolve and help the community improve.
  4. Jesse is not afraid of new challenges. From past successes and a process to figure out a path and plan, Jesse can overcome challenges.

Boyd Mortensen, President, BMI Productivity Solutions, Kaysville, Utah

Jesse is a man of high ideals and integrity. My personal experiences with Jesse have always been wonderful and uplifting. I have known him to be passionate about his work, family, and local and national concerns that affect our everyday lives. We have had multiple discussions about the effects of city and county policies on individuals, families, and businesses. He has always had a sound understanding and grasp of the needs of those around him. Jesse has the skills and personal integrity to be a great asset as a Davis County Commissioner. He will act with integrity, stability, and decisiveness.

Russ Porter, Syracuse, Utah

I have worked with Jesse off and on over the past 10 years. He has shown a talent for problem solving in his work. I also have had the opportunity to serve with Jesse in the Davis GOP Central Committee. He has shown the care to fulfill his duty in that position. He understands how the party and government works and how it can be improved. I highly recommend Jesse Barocio for the office of Davis County Commissioner.

Bart Mortensen, WP03 Precinct Chair, West Point, Utah

Jesse is an outstanding member of our community. He is a person of integrity and is informed and active in local concerns.

Pat Christensen, Layton, Utah

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