Political Newcomer Qualifies for Primary Ballot

LAYTON, Utah — Today Jesse Barocio, a software engineer and first-time political candidate, qualified for the primary ballot in the race for the Republican nomination for Davis County Commissioner. Barocio opted not to gather signatures and instead pursue nomination through the convention process.

Barocio released the following statement after the convention results were announced:

I am grateful enough delegates believed Davis County voters deserve a choice. Campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic was not easy. Ultimately, we received about the same number of votes as the number of delegates my team and I were able to speak directly with over the phone. That shows what I have to say is resonating. I look forward to taking it to all Davis County Republicans in the primary.

Barocio will face the incumbent Davis County Commissioner in the June primary and looks forward to having members of the Republican party hear more of his ideas for government reform and steering Davis County in the right direction.

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