I will focus on keeping Davis County a business friendly environment and support local businesses.

Business Recruiting and Expansion

As a County Commissioner, I will work with state and local leaders to bring additional jobs to Davis County so we can fuel future economic growth. Recruiting new businesses and encouraging existing businesses to expand and invest here is critical to managing future growth and providing jobs for our highly skilled and expanding workforce.

My experience as a software engineer and running a technology consulting company on the side has prepared me to work with businesses and articulate why Davis County is the best place for them to invest. We must also continue to support local small businesses and start-ups. I will work to keep Davis County a business friendly environment.

Hill Air Force Base

As a strong supporter of Hill Air Force Base, I will welcome more companies like Northrup Grumman, who recently announced they will be expanding their operations on the base. I will work with state and federal officials to protect Hill Air Force Base and encourage continued investment by the military and defense industry in Davis County’s skilled workforce.