Form of Government

Davis County operates under a full-time three-member Commission form of government. I’ve heard many voters express concerns about this form of government. The most common concerns expressed are about the six-figure salary Commissioners enjoy and imbalanced representation between different areas of the county. Those are valid concerns, but to me the most urgent concern is the lack of separation of powers. The Commission is both the executive and legislative branch of government at the county level. No separation of powers means no oversight. If elected, I will propose a question be placed on the ballot in the next general election asking voters whether we should study a change in our county’s form of government.

I recently detailed why I think this is important and how the process would work in a blog post here.

Government Efficiency

My career as a software engineer is focused on improving the way businesses function. Anyone who runs a business knows that fixing small inefficiencies can add up to big savings and better customer service. Governments are no different. As a commissioner I will use my career experience to identify and fix inefficiencies, streamline operations, improve services, and save taxpayer money.