Outdoor Recreation

I love how many trails, bike paths, and other outdoor opportunities we have access to in Davis County. I will encourage all cities who haven’t to adopt and fund trail master plans and active transportation plans. Trails and active transportation plans improve the quality of life and increase property values. All cities have master plans for things like land use and parks., but only two cities in Davis County have active transportation plans. I want to encourage cities to develop these¬†plans so that more bike lanes and bike/pedestrian paths are built in the future for recreation and commuting. If it’s not planned it won’t happen.


We have some of the best tourist attractions in our county that have a wide variety from easy access to ski resorts, amusement parks, golf resorts, state parks, and both the Davis Conference Center and Legacy Event Center to host events. As county commissioner, I will always promote tourism for people to visit Antelope Island, the Great Salt Lake, and our neighboring ski resorts.