Statement: False Claims Made on Elliot Campaign Mailer

Dear fellow Republicans,

As I’ve spoken to voters over the last week it’s been brought to my attention that a false statement made on one of my opponent’s campaign mailers has been playing a role in their decision making. A mailer delivered June 9 includes the following:

“We were also able to look in house and pay cash for the Syracuse Library addition serving the community in that area without increasing taxes”

Voters I’ve spoken to interpreted this to mean that Commissioner Elliot cut spending and saved enough money to pay cash for the library without raising taxes. This is not true. The library portion of your property taxes was raised 20% in 2017 specifically to fund projects including the Syracuse library addition. This was reported on by the Standard Examiner here.

To be clear: this tax increase was approved before Commissioner Elliot took office. However, Elliot appears to be taking credit for completing the entire project with no tax increase despite it largely being funded by a tax increase. That is a complete misrepresentation of his record. The cash for the project wouldn’t have existed without the tax increase. I’m not sure if this was omitted intentionally or if Commissioner Elliot just didn’t know where that money came from. Either way his campaign has benefited from the false claim and I feel it’s important to correct the record.

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